Sports for Equality

We as an organization are a big believer in gender equality. We are passionate about equal rights, and equal recognition, not only when it comes to our female athletes, but for women in general. With the low literacy rate in the rural areas, we are still facing the unbroken barriers for the women. When the scenario is pathetic even for the Education and Health, we have encountered very few women in athletes. Although gender equality has come a long way, including UNESCO recognizing sports and physical activity as a human right in 1978, it still hasn’t come far enough in the case of Nepal where parents are hesitant to participate their daughters in sports. By nature Sports is inclusive to people from different social background, disability, gender and religion. In order to encourage the participation of Women in sports we have been organizing various sports tournament dedicated toward women, acknowledging the success of Women’s in sports through various award ceremony and giving academic scholarship to the aspiring female athletes.